The Six Sigma Approach
To Front-End Intake

For Mass Tort & Personal Injury Law Firms

The Opus Intake Solution is a comprehensive lead management and intake system designed to maximize lead conversion, optimize the overall efficiency of intake departments and increase the return on marketing investment and overall profitability for the firm.

By incorporating powerful “Six Sigma” principals into our proprietary, “hands-on” approach, the OPUS Intake Solution impacts the entire culture of the law firm, installing a system that continuously self-improves while keeping intake numbers at their highest levels possible.


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The OPUS Solution Defined


OPUS Intake Solutions
Online eLearning and Certification
The Complete Interactive Video Training Series .


      We Wrote The Book On Legal Intake

Based on the groundbreaking OPUS Intake Solution, this must-have manual develes into core intake processes, examines fundamental techniques through the lens of common departmental issues, and outlines its sure-fire method for increasing lead-to-case conversion.

A practical guide for increasing intake efficiency and maintaining it, this book is the go-to guide for intake departments nationwide.

Jay Jackson

Creator of the Six Sigma Approach to Legal Intake, Mr. Jackson has developed this unique and powerful approach working with his clients including Fortune 50 companies (Motorola, General Electric and Proctor & Gamble) and major law firms alike. Applying his patented legal services and powerful process-driven systems onto numerous mass torts, he has forged comprehensive marketing strategies and intake procedures into the current, quality-based, case acquisition and conversion solution presented here.


Dr. Michael McAleer

Dr. Michael McAleer has been overseeing successful intake operations for the last sixteen years at the Tomblin Carnes McCormack Law Firm and more recently at the Brent Coon and Associates Law Firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a master’s and doctorate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. McAleer is responsible for creating the Six Steps To Effective Intake as presented here. His background in teaching and his practical experience in intake make him the go-to guy for implementing the ideas in this book.


OPUS Intake Solution’s eLearning Training programs provide quantifiable standards for evaluation of participant skills and capabilities through the rigorous OPUS Six Sigma protocols. After successful completion of the programs and subsequent evaluation, legal intake specialists and management become officially “OPUS Certified” as the empirical measure of intake aptitude and competency.

Now, coming in Spring of 2018, and developed with top educators in conjuncture with the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI) the OPUS programs and certification standards will be awarded to Law Firms as a rating of their intake proficiency. This firm-wide measurement standard, receiving accreditation by the top associations in training and development, allows firms to demonstrate their commitment to being at the top of their field.

How Good Is Your
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