Understanding the OPUS Intake Solution

The Six Sigma Approach to Front-End Intake for Mass Tort and Personal Injury Law Firms

What Is The Opus Intake Solution (OIS)?

The Opus Intake Solution is a comprehensive lead management and intake system for mass tort and high volume firms law firm that maximizes lead conversion, optimizes intake departments and increases ROI.

By incorporating powerful “Six Sigma” principals into our proprietary techniques and tools, the OPUS Intake Solution permeates the entire culture of the law firm, installing a system that continuously self-improves while keeping intake numbers at the highest levels possible.

How Does It Work?

Developed by renowned intake experts Jay Jackson and Dr. Michael McAleer, the OPUS solution begins with a complete analysis of your current practices and protocols, development of customized Intake protocols and policies, and implementation of these procedures through a comprehensive plan and approach presented to the firm to improve conversion rates.

OPUS then implements the approved plan and customized solution through repeated on-site visits and participation with our team of Intake specialists.  All personnel will be trained, coached and given guidance in the “six-steps of intake” beginning with the initial call and culminating with a signed client contract and data transfer. Metrics will be established that place clear benchmarks on every facet of the process.  These include basic mechanics and fundamentals, including the often-overlooked intangibles such as listening, selling and enthusiasm.  Through it all, a focus on practical tracking and reporting will provide a window into both your firms marketing and intake effectiveness as well as the degree of progress and improvement we are making together. 

By incorporating our “Six Sigma” type principals into our proprietary techniques and tools, and then into your custom OPUS Solution plan and finally, deploying these throughout your organization, we transform your intake process and create a “total quality” intake department that increases achieves success by getting the most cases from your leads while preparing them to be ideal clients throughout the litigation process.

From there we set up the benchmarkscross-functional teams, lay out the course and begin to teach, train, coach and enter the “do” phase.

· Hands-on participation by Dr. McAleer and OPUS team personally tailoring and overseeing the implementation of your new intake plan

·  All levels of Intake Specialists are trained, coached and given guidance to improve initial intake and immediate follow-up. 

· Complete tracking and reporting capabilities will be fully deployed and streamlined throughout the organization to provide a dashboard for evaluating marketing, intake and to properly steer the ship

•We begin holistically – re-imagining and building the perfect call center, better intake scripts and questionnaires, effective listening skills, telephone personality, and much more.

•We begin refining individual intake specialist tasks and protocols – including selling the firm, collecting and entering the right information, fast-tracking platinum leads, and using lead notes and history….and all which energy, empathy and enthusiasm…while still maintaining the foundational mechanics including accuracy and decision-making, transferring and note taking.