Understanding Why You Need It

“10 years ago, we saw the development of opportunities in the advertising arena level off. Most lawyers admit, the waters are now over-fished. The attention is now turning inward and Intake is the new battleground for increasing the firms ROI.”
-Jay Jackson

The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever

“With competition exploding, generating leads is a fierce battle. Converting them to cases is essential.”

“The Banks are at the gates....bundling and  buying blocks of cases….attempting to dictate proficiency and profitability.....these are fundamental or “paradigm” shifts. Those that can adapt will thrive”

“This is a business evolution – where a tenth of a percent in conversion can make difference.”

The impact of “tightening up” your intake department is enormous.
The fact is: improve your conversion rate by 10% and you double the effectiveness of your ad budget.

We’ll show you how.

Where Does Your Firm Stand?

The First Question Is: How good is your intake department?

Most law firms think theirs is pretty good. Find out how your intake department stacks up and what you need to do to be the best in the business. ALL OF THEM can be improved.

Not understanding this automatically put you behind your competition as the “winning” mass tort and high volume firms are continuously investing into improving what they consider their “most-important” department.


“Six Sigma means Big-Business. OPUS brings their Big-Business solutions directly to your intake department.”

“The modeling they do, the impact they have, is amazing. Holistic, data-driven, this is real Fortune 100 caliber stuff.”